Scars – towards ourselves



The artist asked Mia and Alfredo Saitta, the owners of Magic Megève, to choose places that are dear and special to them, equal to the number of switches that are present in the main chalet. Ozzola then engraved the route of this journey on the brass plates of the switches that constellate the main structure of this property. The intervention remains exclusively on the plate without interfering with its surroundings — elegant, engraved, silent, strong.

The artist also worked on a very central space: the floor of the main entrance. Starting from the same concept of travelling towards the unknown, the artist created a map through the maritime routes traced by various explorers over the centuries. Each line is an explorer and the result evokes both the map of the world and a map of humanity because we have always shared the need to go further and to discover something for the first time. The routes are scars of a collective memory, they are the individual example of overcoming ancestral fears, going into the unknown by searching for oneself and facing one’s own fears — light in the dark. The lines of the routes, made of copper and set on a resin floor, are spread across the main entrance as if pointing the way and accompanying guests to the different areas of the chalet.