“On his face blossomed the serenity of knowledge, which no will opposes any longer, knowing perfection, in agreement with the flow of events, with the stream of life, full of compassion, full of sympathy, abandoned to the flow, belonging to unity.”

Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

Shaman Elmira Treatments

Bio-Energetic Therapy – 1h 20min

Through various massage techniques, the meridians of the body are activated and harmonised. Corporeal tensions and pains are approached and, subsequently, relieved. Besides massage, I ritually cleanse the body’s energy fields, aided by the use of singing bowls.

MIR Method, 75 – 1h 30min

The MIR method is a unique self-healing tool developed by Mireille Mettes in 2009. The name ‘MIR’ stands for Mental and Intuitive Reset, but in Russian, mir means ‘peace’. This treatment engenders mental and spiritual ataraxy, as well as a feeling of unity within one’s heart. Through MIR, the self-healing capacity of your body is reactivated.


Quantum Touch 75 – 2h

Quantum-Touch was developed by Richard Gordon, a researcher who wanted to render healing accessible to everyone. This treatment will allow one to strengthen and accelerate their own, individual and antecedent healing powers. This is the power of the ancient self-regenerating system.

Integral Therapy – 3h

Integral therapy is a combination of several therapeutic methods to navigate, ameliorate or even solve personal traumas and issues. The approach involves conversation therapy, regression therapy and psycho energy work. Importantly, the treatment is about harmonising and balancing your relationship to your parents: your relationship with your mother influences your health and the health of your children, your self-image, and your relationships with partners and others. Meanwhile, your relationship with your father influences your intuition, career and wealth.

Soul Retrieval – 2h

The Soul Retrieval journey is close to my heart, and intrinsic to my Shamanic gift. Guided by ancient rituals involving singing and rhythmic drumming, my spirit guides and helpers will aid me in a search for the lost parts of your soul. Once located, we can then return them to their owner, restoring the wholeness of one’s being. Many qualities you have lost throughout your life, whether through societal or familial instances, are brought back to you through this Soul Retrieval.

Power Animal Journey – 6h

Power animals originate from Shamanism, and are the guides, protectors and guardians of our personal power. Everyone has their own power animals; some stay with you forever, others come when the situation allows or demands it. A power animal can show us something about our inner self, our primal instincts and what lies at the root of our deeper being. Through a guided trance, you will journey within yourself, discovering your power and assistance animals, and how you can use them in daily life.

Coaching with Nature – 2h

During this session, you will be one-to-one with the healer and work on balancing your energy through escape into nature. You will find your matching element, out of the four elements of nature, and strengthen your bond with it. Through connection with nature you will experience the release of energy blockages within you, and the removal of problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and your fears and loss. You will leave this session feeling lighter and more self empowered in your decisions.

Rebooting – 45min

This is a process when the body and mind goes through cleaning from blocks, negativity, old beliefs, fears, and starts to work in a new way. Rebooting awakens the ancient cortex, which begins to check and diagnose the whole body.

– Improves memory
– Brain works better and more effectively
– Relieves tiredness and fatigue
– Helps to get rid of the deepest fears
– Removes drug and alcohol addiction (at constant action)
– Treats enuresis
– Cures stuttering
– Helps in opening your third eye, which gives you clarity and concentration
– Strengthens intuition
– Develops spiritual exploration and personal consciousness
– Relieves depression
– Removes consequences of the stroke
– Improves the function of veins
– Gives a surge of strength and energy
– Brings calmness and relaxation

Fohow | 1h 15min 

This massage is a bio energy body massage, which effectively helps to improve the general condition of the body. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body, get rid of pain, cleanse the blood, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve sleep quality, slow down the ageing process and strengthen the immune system and the body’s ability to self repair. Strengthen the muscles and bones, improve the condition of the spine, regulate the autonomic nervous system, regulate the endocrine system, increase sexual function and purify the meridians. 

Cupping – 1h 30min 

Using ancient Chinese medicine, your body will be drained from toxins and its natural meridians will be opened. This is a wonderful revitalising and energising treatment for the body. 

Egg and bee wax spirit reading and cleaning – 45min 

During this session, your karma will be cleaned on a deep energy level. 

Personal Coaching & Yoga

Personal coaching through Kundalini Yoga – 2h

I will conduct a diagnostic and choose the necessary kryia. Once I have done so, I will provide you with a path forward for healing and we will practice several tailored mediation techniques.

Eclectic Yoga – 1h

This 60 minute session brings together different kinds of yoga such as bikram, hatha, kundalini and slow motion yoga. By connecting with the element of fire, you will feel yourself undergoing a transformation, with your fears and problems working themselves out — you will be reborn.