The Concept

In the village of Megève, France, a contemporary art project is taking place involving many internationally renowned artists, all contributing to the renovation of a beautiful chalet by creating structural elements such as: floors, furniture, stairs, ceiling and lighting. Each work will be accompanied by an artist’s book, published especially for this occasion. Our intention is to create a wonderful story rooted in the magical atmosphere of Megève.

More specifically the project includes, on the one hand, a space dedicated to art that will be accessible to the public, with a programme of specifically tailored events. On the other hand, in this magical and extremely innovative location, it will be possible to stay in splendid art rooms, each of which is distinguished by the touch of an artist.

Magic Megève is a special place, where the artists’ works are placed in relation to everyday space and interact with the functionality of the place itself; they behave as both artworks and structural elements which complement, or exist as: stairs, floors, doors, ceilings, etc. The artists create a harmonious dialogue, building a unique symphony. In this context, the works are stripped of their aura and become part of everyday experience, accessible to all, in accordance with the philosophy behind the project of affirming art’s non-exclusivity. Art is what is produced and intended for all human experience.