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Archivorum x M

Archivorum is a non profit organisation opening in 2023. Archivorum has a tripartite focus: the Archive, Public Events and Research. What distinguishes Archivorum from other art foundations/organisations is the commitment to spreading archives as social resources of civil progress, as well as cultural growth. This is achieved by uniting the spaces of both a physical and online library and archive, with a physical space for residencies and public events, as well as education and research platforms.

In continuation of its commitment to the protection and promotion of artists and art-related publishing, Archivorum will be launching a series of artists’ books called Archivorum×M. Archivorum×M involves artists and publishers from all over the world, with the aim of enhancing and disseminating their creativity through books. Here, the nature of a ‘book’ becomes a peculiar expression of the artists’ creative production, yet also still an object of common use that can be disseminated more widely, accessible to all.

Each of these publications was originally conceived by the particular artists involved in Magic Megève (hence Archivorum×M).

Archivorum has also provided the chance for each artist involved in the project to create a book in their own, unique way, sui generis. There is no restriction on subject, format or size; we want the artist to be able to experiment and explore, whichever direction they choose. This idea was based on Mario Merz’s book “Voglio fare subito un libro” *.

Archivorum×M aims to bear witness to art as an everyday experience, using books to widen art’s audience. Archivorum×M will be affirming art’s non-exclusivity; art is what is produced and intended for all human experience, not just what a gallery has chosen.

Artists are by definition innovative, creative and free souls; boundaries can be stifling to such spirits, and Archivorum would love to see what might transpire when boundaries are abandoned entirely!

* Mario Merz, Voglio fare subito un libro, hopefulmonster, Turin, 1985