Rejuvenating Body Treatments

Essential body sculpt treatment | 1h

An effective treatment to localise the slimming action where fat accumulates more easily and is therefore more difficult to eliminate. By bringing the temperature of the tissues down to between 37 and 38°C, it increases the efficiency of the natural process that transforms fat into energy (lipolysis). The benefits are not limited to weight loss, but also result in more toned and vital muscles. 

Combined body sculpt treatment | 1h 30min 

The action of localised slimming is combined with a deep and effective anti-ageing treatment, which involves the whole body, thanks to the use of the latest technology, which stimulates the natural breakdown of fat into simple molecules that the body uses to produce energy. 

Body reset treatment | 1h 

A true restoration of mind and body. The ancient knowledge of aromatherapy, encapsulated in high quality essential oils, works in synergy with special massage techniques. The treatment becomes a ritual, in which each phase has a specific purpose, each essence its function, to involve all systems of the body and bring them back into harmony. 

Revitalising, rebalancing, and anti-stress treatment | 1h

A rebirth of the body, combining the age-old tradition of aromatherapy and massage with modern state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to the use of biocompatible energy, the energetic and metabolic processes are stimulated naturally and in depth: the body itself will find and maintain its own vitality and harmony. The sensation of well-being will be real and lasting over time.