Our Rituals

The great traveler’s ritual | 2h 

This ritual for the frequent flyer is appreciated after a long flight to reconnect and relax. It includes a cryotherapy session to reduce stress, and improve blood circulation. This is followed by a frosted facial and a stimulating massage. 

The little traveler’s ritual | 1h15

After a trip, the little traveller’s ritual gives a boost with a cryotherapy session and a stimulating 1h Swedish massage.

Tailor-made cold treatment | 1h 15min – 1h 45min 

Engage in an invigorating cryotherapy treatment, followed by a fire and ice massage of length of your choice. 

The immersion ritual | 2h

This immersion method has a sensory power. The impression of being lulled by the water to the rhythm of your breathing. Let yourself be guided by the hands of your beauty expert with a back massage and a facial. Our beauty experts recommend a steam room or sauna session 20 minutes before this ritual. 

The great youth ritual | 1h 30min 

Stress and tiredness are the first factors of the signs of ageing. That’s why this ritual is created for you, starting with a back massage and continuing with a Kos Paris facial treatment. 

The sublimating ritual | 2h 

This rejuvenating ritual takes you on a sensational journey. We start waking up the senses with a full body exfoliation, followed by a decadent mask. While the body is cocooned, your therapist will perform a scalp massage. Finally, you will enjoy a massage. 

Sublimate your face | 1h 15min 

This treatment helps you to recover satin and luminous skin, exfoliating the face, nourishing with 100% natural oils, and applying a velvety mask. Furthermore, enjoy a 15 minute massage to either the hands, feet or scalp. 

– Frosted face treatment | 60min
– Hand, foot or scalp massage | 15min 

Frosted detox ritual | 4h 15min 

This treatment is designed to detoxify the body and achieve a feeling of lightness. It is recommended to do this treatment in the morning on an empty stomach.
The procedure: 

– Detox break with a selection of juices | 15min
– Cryotherapy session | 3min
– Omeoenergetica treatment | 1h 30min
– Comforting break with a selection of juices | 15min
– Exfoliating + Shower + Fire and Ice Massage | 1h 30min 

– Healthy meal | 45min 

Harmony ritual | 4h15 

The harmony of body and mind is essential to create a synergy. The body is then revitalised and regains all its energy.
The procedure:
– Comforting breakfast | 50min 

– Reflexology | 45min
– Immersion relaxation session | 30min
– Revitalising break with a selection of juices | 15min

– Sauna or hammam session | 20min
– Customised massage | 60min
– Facial treatment | 60min