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Our Massages

We tailor make our Kos Paris massages to your specific needs: choose between or combine any of the treatments and select your desired duration. 

Swedish massage | 30min – 1h – 1h30min
This is also known as a traditional massage, and is excellent to soothe away tension with long gliding strokes. This is perfect for everyday muscle stress. Our Swedish massage helps with stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph. This is the perfect treatment if relaxation is your top priority. 

Hot stone massage | 30min – 1h – 1h30min
Often misunderstood as just another deep tissue, this massage is more about relaxing tight muscles. The feeling of smooth warm stones on your skin is not only divine, it will relax the muscles on a deeper level, even with less pressure.

Indian head massage | 30min

This treatment uses hot oil to achieve total relaxation, deeply nourishing the scalp and hair. 

Fire and ice massage | 30min – 1h – 1h30min

The Magic Megève touch. This bespoke treatment combines cold glass spheres, with warm aromatic oils to give a unique experience to the body. We also incorporate gold spheres to improve blood circulation and bring warm soothing vibrations to the body, thus opening the meridians increasing energy flow.

Deep tissue massage | 30min – 1h

Real deep work on the muscular tissue. This massage helps to relax the body’s muscular tensions by using different massage techniques such as warming up, kneading, and stretching. 

Sport massage | 1h – 1h30

After or before an intensive sports session or a day of skiing, this massage, which includes stretching and stabilising manoeuvres, will enable real work to be done on the muscles.

Personalised massage | 1h – 1h30 – 1h50

This massage is 100% personalised according to your needs and desires at the time.

Reflexology | 45min

This ancient treatment dating back almost 3000 years is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that encourages the body to achieve balance and heal itself. It involves applying finger and thumb pressure to specific points on the feet to release stress and tension in the body.