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The Miss Kot’átková

Master bedroom

• 1 double bedroom with ensuite bathroom (shower and toilets)
• Mini bar
• TV
• 1 iPhone
• 1 iPad
• Conciergerie app
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This master bedroom is distinguished by the works of Eva Kot’átková, a world-renowned Czech artist giving form to the invisible, disciplining force exerted by rules, conventions and rituals. Koťátková is struck by the peculiarly poor fit between the world of ideas, theories, rules and codes, and the people who have to live with them, struggling to conform, to sit up straight, to follow the lessons, and abide by the principles.

They are often trying, and failing, to break free; and the consequences may be strikingly absurd. Within the room, Kot’átková’s work is in dialogue with other works by artists such as Teodora Axente and Sylvie Auvray.