The Clubbers’ Room


• 1 double bedroom with ensuite bathroom (shower and toilets)
• Mini bar
• TV
• 1 iPhone
• 1 iPad
• Conciergerie app
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This room has been made for you by artist Luís Lázaro Matos, and is part of the four-room installation Yeti, the joyful hoax, a wall painting installation conceived specifically for the Magic Megève spaces. This site specific installation brings together Matos’ interest in the representation of the non-human and the imaginary in conjunction with the artists’ insistence on representing ideas around liquidity in his installations. The mural takes the shape of a landscape painting of a waterfall where a poem has to be visually climbed in order to be fully read. Hung by a harness and a rope a mistérious portrait of a male figure is installed. The mural works as a frontier to The Clubbers Room. Like a theatrical curtain, one has to cross the doors, secret passages through the water, to access this room.