Creating a gastronomic experience for The Magic Megève

How can we plan perfect cuisine experiences into the journey of our guests through The Magic Collection Retreats? In other words, how do we find a perfect match between the cuisine and the place?

To make sure we bring our guests to a unique gastronomical landscape, we traveled around the area, visiting the best restaurants in Megève and Geneva. It is hard to not appreciate the level of the restaurants in the area. From La Table de l’Alpaga to Indie Mountain in Megève, from Tsé Fung to L’Aparté in Geneva, we have visited the most authentic restaurants in proximity to make sure that the experience our guests receive from The Magic Megève is unique.

We started our gastronomical expedition by recognizing that the food and the space where it is experienced are intimately interconnected. Before we started the search for a perfect menu, we knew that the stage, The Magic Megève, deserves to host only cuisine of exceptional mastery for its audience. The art that surrounds our guests in their stay here sets the tone for the exquisite, extravagant, and contemporary works of cooking art. And nothing less.

Only once we made sure that we have studied the cuisine of the area, when we understood what the sights are, can we create a unique gastronomical path for the guests at The Magic Megève. A final gastronomical map offered to everyone who steps into the premise of The Magic Megève is a product of our research:  a unique combination of a traditional food of an Alpine region of France and a contemporary cuisine inspired by the artworks found in The Magic Megève. Our menu is something of a treasure map, a map that we can share with our guests as soon as they arrive to the magical landscape of The Magic Megève.