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Artgenève, Archivorum x M & Magic Megève

To thank and support the artists that contributed to Magic Megève, we offered them the opportunity to create a book on any subject of their choice.

Between the 25th and 27th of January, as part of artgenève and Archivorum x M, The Magic Collection Retreats’ team are hosting a dinner, artist talk (moderated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Freelance Art curator, Co-Director of CSAV at Fondazione Ratti and advisor of Archivorum) and brunch. These few days mark the launch of our newest publications: Buhlebezwe Siwani’s “Luhlaza”, Darren Bader’s SCOTT MENDES’S ’TINARD CADIÄGO, Jason Dodge’s “They Lifted Me Into the Sun Again and Packed My Skull With Cinnamon” and Luca Trevisani’s “Il Pane Selvaggio”.