Dining set



In the dining room area, Martino Gamber has left his signature, from the upholstered chairs to the vases and the various stools scattered around the coloured table. At Magic Megève, conviviality, dialogue, and collective experiences are considered essential. The table, and sharing a meal, have always represented these themes for us.

Gamper has always placed objects at the centre of his research, making them unique protagonists of the stories they have lived and will tell. The objects created by the Bolzano-based artist are designed to be used and not just contemplated. All of Gamper’s pieces are designed and followed by him with extreme care and attention to detail, as demonstrated by the logo on all the serving dishes. Chosen by Gamper from Wrought iron, an iron working manual from the 1970s, the logo seems to narrate an entire production process (in this case that of iron), from its rawest state to careful crafting. However, Gamper entrusts the circularity of the plate and the arbitrariness of the diner to choose the verse, thus eliminating any kind of production hierarchy and leaving everyone free to mould their story.

Gustibus, 2017
Piatto Rasa, 2017
Tabula rasa #03, 2017
Tabula rasa #05, 2017 
Vasum Rasa 02, 03, 06, 09, 10, 12, 2017