Binary Star


Light installation located in the The Bodhi Spa

Conrad Shawcross is a very important figure in the Magic Megève project. His work is spread across the entire chalet, from the doors, to the lights in the spa and the skiroom. This artist’s work could be considered the leitmotif, the fil rouge in Magic Megève.

Conrad Shawcross’ sculptures explore subjects that lie on the borders of geometry and philosophy, physics and metaphysics. Attracted by failed quests for knowledge in the past, he often appropriates redundant theories and methodologies to create ambitious structural and mechanical montages, using a wide variety of materials and media, and often working on an epic scale. Different technologies and natural forces inspire his forms, but his mysterious machines and structures remain enigmatic, filled with paradox and wonder. Some have an absurdist melancholy feel, whilst others tend to the sublime. Shawcross has created very different spaces and atmospheres in the chalet: entering the spa, one finds oneself in a sort of cave made of optical stalactites, which, thanks to the work Binary Star above the swimming pool composed of two luminous articulated arms in constant movement, creates a caledoscopic and ever-changing place.