Bells tuned A



Bells tuned A started from the idea of the house as being like a conversation itself, and a place for people, for thoughts and for artworks. We always think of conversation as being an exchange of words, but it’s also an exchange of a multitude of other things. Jason Dodge thought about tuning the house as an orchestra is tuned (it begins with a single note, which is generally 440 hertz). He liked the idea of tuning the house by inserting bells made by a bell maker in Berlin into the walls — they have all been tuned to this note 440 hertz of the A. Although you won’t hear them and you won’t see them, you will be engaged with them because you know they are there.

The two works are thus connected by the question of the difference between the non visible and the invisible. In this way, we enter a psychological landscape and stop to ponder the capacities of our imagination.