Dog playing flute




For Magic Megève, Antony Gormley has constructed a series of three ‘Slabworks’ from granite, stacked like a precarious house of cards. Be, Lie and See are singular bodies that refer to the language of the built world, linking the megalithic standing stones of Stonehenge with the skyscrapers of New York City. Gormley uses scale, in this instance “life-size” human scale, to make us aware of the spaces that we inhabit, especially the bodies that we live within. 

Three sculptures, in three bodily positions, are placed in different locations across the site. Each work attempts to link a state of being with its immediate location and to the wider landscape. Lie is a recumbent form located in a cushioned area within the chalet’s largest space, its head twisted at 45 degrees towards the Alpine peaks beyond. Be in a relaxed but attentive pose sits quietly in a clearing in the woods listening to the sounds of the valley. See, looks out guardedly at the end of a narrow space where architecture and mountain intersect, deep underground. 

Gormley has always seen his works as an “acupuncture of space”, instruments of awareness that allow their surroundings to become reflexive zones.